Phuture is excited to announce that we are partnering with Notional, the top DeFi protocol for fixed rate lending and borrowing, to launch our new product line: the Savings Vault!

Before we go over our partnership, let’s dive into why such a product is needed.

Put your money to work 

Every crypto investor, from beginner to expert, should have a portion of their portfolio allocated in lower-risk, highly liquid assets.

Why portfolio diversification?:

  • It reduces the risk and volatility of the portfolio.
  • It ensures there is cash available to take advantage of investment opportunities, pay down debts or used for other purposes.

However, that does not mean that the assets should be sitting idle!

Your assets should be generating returns, and the Savings Vault is a smart way to put your money to work.

Our Savings Vault allows users to deposit their crypto assets and earn premium returns.

What is the Savings Vault?

The Savings Vault is a new product line from Phuture. Each vault allows users to deposit crypto assets and earn interest.

The Savings Vault is a way to earn dependable interest on your capital.

The first asset in our Savings Vault will be announced soon!

Think of the Savings Vault like a savings account at a traditional bank. Fiat currency is deposited on a savings bank account to earn interest.

Similarly, the Savings Vault allows for crypto assets to be deposited into the vault, so users can passively earn returns. As with any on-chain, decentralised product from Phuture, users can withdraw their assets at any time.

The Savings Vault brings together the very best of DeFi:

  • Decentralisation
  • Transparent yield 
  • Access to your capital at any time.

To power our very first Savings Vault, we’re partnering with Notional!

What is Notional?

Notional is a protocol on Ethereum that allows users to lend and borrow crypto assets at fixed rates.

The fixed rates offered to borrowers are a fundamental element of why Notional is the best partner for our Savings Vault. Borrowers are willing to pay a higher rate to borrow assets at a fixed rate, which in turn generates higher yields for lenders allocating capital into the protocol.

"Interest rates in crypto can swing wildly. Notional's focus is to bring fixed-rate opportunities from tradfi to DeFi so users can plan for the future and depend on predictable rates. We're proud to partner with Phuture to provide their users an even simpler way to access Notional's fixed rate yields.” - Teddy Woodward, CEO of Notional

Phuture and Notional

Phuture utilises the Notional lending protocol to build the Savings Vault.

Our partnership consists of lending assets on the Notional protocol and earning an interest rate on the capital. 

"We are proud to partner with Notional and offer a simple, transparent way for users to earn premium returns on their crypto assets with the Savings Vault. This is a key step to making DeFi more accessible to all.” - Charles Storry, Growth lead at Phuture

How it works:

  1. Users deposit crypto assets into the Savings Vault.
  2. Phuture allocates the capital into the highest yielding maturity available on Notional.
  3. Once each tenor reaches its maturity (the end of the lending period), Phuture receives the capital back along with the additional interest.
  4. Phuture rolls the capital into the next highest yielding maturity.

Users can simply sit back while their assets are earning returns in the Savings Vault.

What happens next?

The first asset in our Savings Vault will be announced soon!

Pre-register for the first Savings Vault here for early access.

About Phuture

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