We are delighted to announce that Phuture has collaborated with Harvest Finance to provide liquidity incentives to select SushiSwap pools. These pools are ETH/PHTR & FARM/PHTR. Phuture and Harvest have committed to providing a minimum APR of 60% via a combination of FARM and PHTR rewards. This means that even as the liquidity pool grows your expected return will be bounded from below at 60% rather than diminishing over time.

Additionally, by adding liquidity to these pools, the liquidity providers will earn 0.25% of all trades on both the ETH/PHTR and FARM/PHTR pairs proportional to their liquidity shares. Fees are added to the pool, accrued in real-time and can be claimed by simply withdrawing your liquidity.

How Harvest Finance works

Harvest Finance acts as a yield optimiser for DeFi protocols conducting staking, lending and liquidity mining programmes. By collecting tokens from users and staking them en-masse on their behalf, they are able to reduce network fees (gas) per user and improve annual returns through auto compounding mechanisms.

Harvest Finance regularly collects or ‘harvests’ the reward tokens on behalf of users and exchanges them for more of the underlying assets that users deposited, thereby compounding the interest they earn. This saves users both time and the network fees associated with making multiple transactions.


The ETH/PHTR pool is a cornerstone pool for Phuture as we build out our liquidity network on Sushi. It provides an opportunity for people who are naturally long ETH and PHTR to deposit liquidity, earn rewards and still participate in the upside of both tokens.


The FARM/PHTR pool marks the first liquidity pool Harvest has done in collaboration with another project. We are excited to offer incentives to both the Harvest and Phuture communities as a sign of our long-term commitment to this collaboration. Looking ahead, there are a number of developments we are working towards with Harvest that will benefit greatly from a native liquidity pool.


Phuture’s integration with Harvest Finance marks the beginning of a collaboration with a lot of future scope and simultaneously introduces a new set of liquidity pools and incentives to the Phuture ecosystem.

About Harvest

Harvest Finance is a yield farming protocol that lets users put their assets to work in high-producing farming opportunities.

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About Phuture

Phuture is a decentralised protocol built for the creation and investment of token-based passive investment strategies in a Web3 environment. Phuture introduces an open design philosophy for creating passive investment strategies, providing the tools for users to create new indices or invest into existing ones created by the community.

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