Very soon we’ll be launching a new product line called Savings Vault, for users to earn interest on their assets.

Today, we’re excited to announce that the very first Saving Vault will accept deposits in USDC! It will be called: USDC Savings Vault (USV).

Let’s dive into USV and why we chose USDC to be the first asset accepted.

What is the USDC Savings Vault?

The USDC Savings Vault (USV) is the first product of an entirely new product line that Phuture is building. Each vault will allow users to deposit crypto assets and earn interest, and for USV, users can deposit USDC to earn dependable interest on their capital.

The USDC Savings Vault is powered by Notional, the top DeFi protocol for fixed rate lending and borrowing.

Why is a product like this needed?

Every crypto portfolio should have a portion allocated in lower-risk, highly liquid assets. These are the mains reasons:

  • It reduces the risk and volatility of the portfolio.
  • It ensures there is cash available to take advantage of investment opportunities, pay down debts or use for other purposes.

But that doesn’t mean assets should be sitting idle. You can put your money to work using the USDC Savings Vault (USV).


Our goal at Phuture is to offer simple exposure to all crypto investors whilst guaranteeing the utmost security on the funds.

That’s why we’ve chosen USDC for our first Savings Vault.

USDC needs no introduction, but we’ll leave a short description to refresh your memory:

USDC illustration. Source: Circle website.

USDC is the stablecoin provided by Circle, and it is fully backed by the fiat currency of the US dollar. Because of that, USDC provides key benefits:

  • Stability, 
  • Constancy,
  • Uniformity in price,
  • Every digital dollar of USDC can always be exchanged 1:1 for cash.

USDC has set the standard for regulation and transparency, making it the most trusted stablecoin. 

Source: Circle’s website

What happens next?

Interested in putting your USDC to work?

The USDC Savings Vault will be released very soon! Pre-register for USDC Savings Vault (USV) to get early access and exclusive updates.

We’re building multiple savings vaults, USV is the first of many. Stay tuned for more updates!

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