At Phuture, we’re building a crypto index platform accessible to anyone, anywhere. That’s why we’re working hard to make our index available in the largest wallets across the globe and launching our index funds on multiple chains.

Our latest wallet partnership is with BitKeep, a leading wallet in Asia that also believes in a web3 future that supports multiple ecosystems.

“Our partnership with BitKeep is a key part of achieving our goal of ubiquity for our index products. We’re proud to offer the web3 users in Asia an easy way to access our index funds on Ethereum and very soon on Avalanche!” – Co-founder and Head of Product, Oliver Mehr.

Meet BitKeep

BitKeep, the top decentralised multi-chain crypto wallet in Asia, integrates a wallet, swaps, NFT marketplace, Dapps, and a launchpad in a single app. Its mission is to build the world's largest decentralised web3 portal. Like Phuture, BitKeep believes that crypto index funds will compose a large portion of users’ portfolios in the near future, and want their users to manage index funds easily!

The app can be downloaded on iOS, Android or added as a browser extension. Access all versions of the app here.

Founded in Singapore in May 2018, BitKeep Global Inc. now serves nearly 6 million global users worldwide, covering nearly 168 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The latest funding round of BitKeep was led by Dragonfly, followed by Gaorong Capital, Foresight Venture, Sincere Truth, Bixin Capital, SevenX Ventures and others.

Phuture and BitKeep

PDI and PHTR around BitKeep's mobile app interface

The Phuture DeFi Index, PDI, is part of the Ethereum ecosystem. As we build CAI, the Colony Avalanche Ecosystem Index, BitKeep’s multi-chain approach makes it a key wallet to partner with Phuture.

“Web3 users are increasingly looking for simple, accessible ways to invest in crypto. Our +6 million users located in Asia and Latin America can now invest in Phuture index funds and better manage their portfolios through BitKeep’s mobile and browser apps.” - Irene, Business Development Manager at BitKeep

Ready to invest in PDI?

About Phuture

Phuture (PHTR) is a decentralised crypto index platform that simplifies investments through automated, themed index funds on Ethereum and Avalanche. Accessible by anyone with an internet connection, Phuture is perfect for investors looking to upgrade their crypto investment strategy. Founded in 2019, Phuture has raised USD 3.75 million from VCs, crypto funds and investors such as Chaudhry, a previous CEO of

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