Phuture builds crypto index funds to make investments simple and accessible to anyone. Our mission is only achieved by delivering continuous improvement to our products and their architecture.

A key part of our index architecture is tapping into liquidity sources, but that also comes with many challenges:

  • Tokens often have fragmented liquidity, meaning that their liquidity is spread across multiple decentralised exchanges.
  • Integrating with the ever-growing number of decentralised exchanges is very time-consuming, amplifying this challenge.
  • Deploying Phuture on new blockchains requires a complete refactoring of the supported exchanges
  • Developing a protocol to split trades across multiple exchanges is laborious and requires a dedicated team.

Essentially, to have professional-grade integrations with all the major exchanges across all the chains Phuture intends to be present on, would be very difficult to achieve.

We’ve found a solution to this: the 0x API.

What is 0x?

0x API offers liquidity aggregation and smart order routing as-a-service. It works as a connectivity layer that powers any project looking to integrate DEXs and source multi-chain liquidity across 100+ decentralised sources.

Phuture and 0x

Our integration with 0x is pivotal to the Phuture product architecture. Instead of integrating one DEX at a time, Phuture has integrated with the 0x API and will have access to all major exchanges on each blockchain we support.

The largest exchanges supported by 0x protocol, and more

This integration will allow Phuture to focus on our core products, crypto index funds, while 0x finds the best trade rates for our tokens and sources liquidity across all DEXs.

"The innovation that is happening in DeFi is exciting. The parallels to traditional finance are clear. We see the need for crypto indexes and we're excited to see Phuture using our enterprise-grade APIs to improve their product architecture for entering, exiting, and rebalancing their indexes on a continuous basis." said Fulvia, Group Product Manager at 0x.

What changes in Phuture’s products?

The entry, the exit and the rebalancing are now powered by 0x.

Key improvements have been made to the product architecture to improve its efficiency and functionality. Here are the highlights:

  • All swaps and mints are now routed through the 0x protocol.
  • All index rebalancing is executed through 0x.
  • The functionality above will be available across all other chains Phuture intends on supporting.

For users, there are no changes to the product flow or the UX, so users can continue to invest in PDI in the exact same way as before.

Benefits for Phuture users

Apart from improvements to the product architecture, the integration with 0x API brings benefits to our users as well.

Oliver Mehr, our co-founder and Head of Product, says:

“Our integration with 0x will deliver a plethora of benefits to Phuture investors, including: better pricing when buying and selling our index funds, improved index performance through more efficient rebalancing, support for expansion into other chains, as well as bringing a wider array of tokens to our index funds.”

Improved trade execution

Investors in PDI (or any Phuture index funds) now have the absolute best rates in the market when buying or selling.

Improved rebalancing execution

0x will be used to rebalance all our index funds, ensuring minimal value is lost from swaps. This operational efficiency materially improves index performance over the long run.

Index funds are more representative of their sectors

As liquidity is not limited to just a few exchanges, more assets will meet the liquidity threshold outlined in the Phuture index methodology, regardless of where their liquidity resides.

What comes next?

This is just the beginning! We will continue to foster improvements in our index funds and bring benefits to Phuture investors, starting with PDI’s next rebalancing at the end of July, and the launch of CAI on the Avalanche chain.

Stay tuned for next month’s rebalancing powered by 0x - this is not one to miss!

About Phuture

Phuture (PHTR) is a decentralised crypto index platform that simplifies investments through automated, themed index funds on Ethereum. Accessible by anyone with an internet connection, Phuture is perfect for investors looking to upgrade their crypto investment strategy. Founded in 2019, Phuture has raised USD 3.75 million from VCs, crypto funds and investors such as Chaudhry, a previous CEO of

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About 0x API

0x API is a free-to-use, professional-grade Web3 liquidity aggregation, and smart order routing API trusted by businesses like Coinbase, MetaMask, Brave, Matcha, Zapper, and GameStop. By using the 0x API to easily and reliably tap into aggregated multi-chain DEX liquidity you’ll have more time to focus on what matters: your product.

The API finds the best prices from 100+ liquidity sources, both public (AMMs) and private (professional market makers), across a growing number of blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Celo, and Optimism. To date, over $108 billion in ‘best priced’ volume has been delivered across 43M+ traders with industry leading uptime and reliability.

To get started with 0x API, visit for more info and check out the developer docs.