About Phuture

Our mission is to bring simple crypto exposure to all investors, from small to large.

A crypto index platform to power the new age of finance.

Phuture was founded to simplify investments through automated, themed index products.
Two stacks of blocks balancing on a seesaw.

Simplicity is sophistication

Whether a new or seasoned crypto investor, we want to make investing into crypto easier.

We use simple language and intuitive design so anyone can use our platform to its fullest.
Two stacks of blocks balancing on a seesaw.

Challenge past ideas

No idea is taken as fact, we're always open to better ways to build our products and teams.

The best idea in the room wins, no matter where it's coming from or how long the previous one has been standing.
Two stacks of blocks balancing on a seesaw.

Create lasting value

We strive to become the go-to index platform for the new age of finance. We're here for the long run, not the hype.

No shortcuts are taken, we take the hard approach to building Phuture.
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Strong and hands-on teams

We're a small startup, and to scale everyone needs to be hands-on. No task is too great or too small.

From our founders to new comers, everybody is part of the strategy as well as the execution.
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Think big and put in the effort

Our achievements are as big as our ambitions. We are small today, but we'll be the size of our goals one day.

We want people that dream as big as us, and put effort to get there.
Two stacks of blocks balancing on a seesaw.

Transparency to build trust

People invest where they trust, and for that, transparency is key.

We’re open about how our products work and what you get from them. No hidden info or concealed changes.

Leadership team

Oliver Mehr
Co-founder / Head of Product
Charles Storry
Co-founder / Head of Growth
Alex Melnichuk
Co-founder / Technical Lead
Vitalii Havryliuk
Senior Smart Contract Engineer
Carol Yumi
Head of Marketing
Lloyd Turner
Head of Design

We like go-getters. They’re the ones that change the world. That’s why we’re always looking for great talent.

→ View our jobs on Angel List & LinkedIn.

Didn’t find a role that suits you? Tell us here how your background and skills can contribute to our mission.

Our community is amazing (and very welcoming).

You don’t need to be a developer to contribute to Phuture.

Join our community and start contributing your ideas and expertise into one of our working groups.
Find out more

We’re starting on Ethereum, but we’re not stopping there.

The future is multi-chain, so we’re building our platform to support a variety of chains. We’ve announced Ethereum and Avalanche, but there are more to come.